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Sales model: two Spectur HD5 systems for $7,495 plus low footprint installation costs of only $475 (for both systems!)*+
Rental model: two Spectur systems (per site) for only $25.50 per day with low footprint installation costs of only $475 (for both systems!)+
Two systems can be better than a single dual camera system if it is desirable to:

  • Allow separation of the systems (e.g. one on different corners of a site, able to put either side of high value assets, etc)
  • Increase the visual presence of the system to potential intruders
  • Reduce the risk of damage to the systems or interference with their operations (overlapping cameras can “watch each other”). 
  • Avoid locating systems in places that are good for cameras, but inconvenient for works. 

Why buy a minivan when you can have two sedans for a better price!
Call 1300 802 960 or visit spectur.com.au and quote “TwoHeads2020” to take advantage of these specials and make your site the one the criminals walk past this summer.

*Specturcare monitoring, cybersecurity, data transmission, data storage, technical support and software license only $99/month per system (sales model)
Removal or relocation costs extra.